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Sharp pain in heel

My last post yesterday was to console danzargo on his injury and to say I was going to do my first park run today. At 3am I woke up to a sharp (in that it was very precise location) pain in my right heel. It wasn't excruciating and did not change as I flexed my foot or applied pressure to it. After an hour or so I must have drifted off to sleep after having decided that I needed to do some research before my next run.

When I woke this morning there was no trace of the pain, sensitivity or stiffness in my foot, but I decided it was a warning sign, so I "surfed" instead of running and I discovered that the line of pain in the base of my heel coincided almost perfectly with the plantar fascia ligaments. I have discovered exercises to prevent/reduce the incidence and will include these in my stretching regime. Having had no pain in my feet at any time over the last 10 weeks and been free of knee and thigh aches since week 5, I am mystified why this should happen almost two days after my last easy 5.5k run.

So as I look at the time and think that I would have hoped to be finishing my Killerton parkrun just about now, I am asking all you supportive guys out there to offer me your best advice. How long rest? (I feel fine now) Has anybody had a similar experience? Is it psychosomatic? Am I paranoid?

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Not had a similar experience, but I would think maybe rest for a few days, then if you feel ok go for a run, but take it easy, and like you say, incorporate the stretches into your cool down routine and go from there......if it gives you more gyp, get it checked out.....


you are really sensible to rest and listen to your body, and get it checked out if it returns...Take care


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