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Aw...Crashed out at 18 mins! :S

Well having completed run 2 of week 6 fairly smoothly, I thought I would just go for run 3. I started off well, I thought I could do it, but in my attempts to lengthen my route a bit, I ended up scrambling over a few fallen branches and going around in circles through the woods. When I got back out onto the road, it felt very warm and suddenly I just couldn't run any further. First time I haven't completed a run since beginning! Hope I'm not plateauing. I shall try again on Sunday!!

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No plateau in sight - i think you just had a tough run - all that scrabbling around in the woods will have sucked energy out of your legs - it was also very humid yesterday. Put it behind you and on with the next run:-)

Best of luck


It happens, just put it behind you, and move forward :)


Faffing about with fallen branches and going round in circles is not good, you lose your rhythm and it upsets your legs. Have a rest then another go.


Thank you everyone. I have a friend staying who is a seasoned runner and wants me to run with her tomorrow - gulp. She knows my level (hopefully) and it may spur me on. Unfortunately I've had a major bout of IBS this afternoon, but I'll go out if feeling back to normal. :)


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