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Getting slower:(

Haven't posted for ages but thought I'd just drop in today to let you know how things are going.

I'm still running three times a week for 35 minutes. I set this time after my first Park Run back in May I think to make me run 5K 3xweek rather than just 30 minutes. However I'd love to improve my time but nothing seems to work. I've gradually been going out with music with faster bpm each time but I think I must just run with shorter strides as my time seems to be getting worse :(

Enjoyed my run this afternoon all the same. Highlight today was running into a fox (almost literally) who was just about to leave a drive. Now I've been startled by a few cars backing out of drives before but never by a fox!

Going to slow down the bmp on Sunday and see what happens. Have a fab weekend everyone.

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The main thing is to keep doing it. I keep beating myself up about times and although it would be nice to break world records, the main reason we're doing all this is to keep fit and helathy - and if that means 5K in 30,35,40 mins SO BE IT!


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