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Had the ultimate C25K frustration last night. Two nights ago I completed the final run of week 8 on a high with a last minute sprint. A little bit silly, as I felt a little twinge in one calf muscle as I finished. Thought nothing of it as it wasn't 'too' bad. Two days later, and I thought my leg was all better. Excited about completing my 9 week journey, I went out for my run. About 5 minutes in, I felt a bit of discomfort in the leg, but I thought I'd be able to run it off. By 10 minutes, the pain in my calf was so bad that I had to give up, and limp home. Frustration! I hadn't failed a single run until the last day! Now I'll probably have to wait a week until my leg feels okay to give it another go. Serves me right for sprinting I suppose :(

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