Couch to 5K

Not sure if I'm making any progress...or maybe I'm not looking at things in the right way?

Third run of the week tonight - and my very first one without Laura to guide me round. Up to going out, I couldn't decide whether to give the Speed podcast another blast, or just get out and run a set route. Given that it's been very warm here today, and I'm hard pushed to find a flat route to sprint on, I decided against the Speed option and instead loaded Justin Timberlake onto my phone and headed out.

I ran a circuit that took 34 minutes, average pace 9.30 minute/ mile...which seems to be my default speed, regardless of whether I do a 30, 35 or 40 minute run. Neither do I find the shorter runs particularly easier than the longer ones.

I'm working towards a 10k race in a month's time but feel like I'm stuck on Groundhog day, getting nowhere fast.

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I found some podcasts called B210k that helped training towards 10k runs and seemed quite good. Ive started a training plan of doing one short run (using the speed c25k+ run) one "normal" 30 min run using own music or c25k+ stamina and then a long run on the weekend using the 10k podcasts increasing the length every weekend by 10 mins.

Only just started this routine, but I had got into a rut and it seems to have helped with the boredom and given me a push towards doing 10k which seemed an impossible goal. Having a plan also helps you from having to make decisions before each run which I find helps.

I find the speed run pretty horrible but at least it's short! Groundhog day is one of my favorite films though!!


Thanks for sharing your experience :-)

I have the B210k to download but am wondering if I've left it too late to start for the race.

I did all 3 C25k+ podcasts last week and quite enjoyed them (except for speed!) and I pushed my time to 40 minutes last weekend. I think maybe I need to focus on either distance or speed - but not both. I'm not going to manage 10k in any kind of speed, so I guess distance will have to be my goal.

I like the idea of uncertainties run a week, and mixing up the other 2 to keep up my interest.


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