Couch to 5K

Starting Couch to 5K next week and raring to go!

I'm a novice runner, but decided recently that I was fed up being unfit, so, for the past two weeks I've been on a walk/jog programme, but as we're currently away in the countryside it's easy to do this outside.

I've been really pleased with my progress, starting at 6mins brisk walk/1 min jog x 4, I've built it up to 4 mins brisk walk/3 mins jog x 4 over the two weeks.

From tomorrow we'll be back home and it won't be so easy to run outside, so I've decided to start on the couch to 5K on Monday from week 1, on a treadmill.

My goal is to run 30 minutes 3 times a week. At this stage I'm not so bothered about speed or distance, just running for 30 minutes will be so fantastic!

I've downloaded the podcasts and am raring to go! I'm hoping to keep updating this blog as it'll be a great way to track my progress! :)

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Fantastic stuff Minuette. Yes it is getting the endurance and capability to run for the 30 mins that is the most important thing at this stage. I will be following your blog with interest.



well with your efforts so far i'm sure you'll breeze through the first couple of weeks :D

Keep Running x


Thanks both of you :)

Today I've done the week 1 run 1 and feel great! Will be updating the blog weekly to mark my progress :)


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