You can acheive anything you want to, the only person who can stop you is you!!

My healthy lifestyle change started back in november, I started by getting used to the changes in my diet and being more active with walks then started the C25K in about February. I suffered from lack of motivation and have recently started it all again. Tonight I plan on starting week 3 run 1. To date I've lost almost 3 and a half stone. I've found that posting about my weightloss on social networking sights have given be the boot up the backside I really needed to keep going. I am now 4 dress sizes smaller and find running now soooo much more enjoyable than I ever through I would. The thing I struggle with now is realising I'm not that same fat girl anymore.

All of your posts have been massive motivation for me to keep going - is anyone else out there like me and really enjoying this challenge? I challenged myself to run my fasted mile I couple of weeks ago, I made myself physically sick, but had a massive smile on my face (the time wasnt even that fast...but it was fast for me!!)

I find that using the nike+ running app has helped me to challenge myself to not cop out and keep a good pace going even during the walking sections. I get a break down of far I've gone, the more I progress through the C25K the further I'm going and I'm getting there quicker. My words of encouragenment to you all is - "be your own motivation! Use your own accomplishments to push yourself faster and harder. Your legs will keep going if you keep telling them, when you think you have nothing left - you do, it's just your mind playing tricks on you. I promise you all now the rewards for pushing yourself are well worth it!"


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  • You are doing so well with all aspects of your healthy changes challenge. A positive frame of mind can work wonders in my view. Keep it up and continue to share with us. It is good to read your story so far.

  • Good post and you are absolutely right. A great deal of this challenge is in the mind. Keep us up to date with how you are doing.

  • Hi. I have just started this programme and am about to start on week three. I too have lost three stone but still have another three to go but it will. Did you find when you started running that your weight loss stalled a bit? Mine has slowed down so I'm thinking I probably need to up my calories a bit on the days I run. I can't even imagine running at the weight I was but I am enjoying it now. Keep up the old work

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