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Best run EVER for me. 20 min run here I come soon

I've been struggling for the last few weeks to get back to be able to do wk5 run 3. So today I shook it up a bit. I went on a different run and I counted. A runner told me on Sunday that if it gets difficult count to 100 and keep repeating. Well I ran for 8min non stop and for the first time felt like a proper runner. I was calm, not stressed and managed to smile to myself while running. The counting seems to work for me, by helping my breathing and changing my focus. I've not quit through these hard few weeks still going out 3 times a week. But today for the first time I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I now know I'm not far off a 20 min run. It's made my day.

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Haha we all have our different ways to take our minds off the hard work that running sometimes is. I prepare a meal, sad thing is I've to do it all over again (actual) when I get home ;) Whatever works for the individual to relax them has to be good. Well done and good luck for your next runs.

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Nice upbeat post Rfc and if counting works for you at the moment..well , that's good. In a few runs it maybe something different, just whatever it takes to keep the mind and 'the monkey' from all those demoralising thoughts.

I sometimes make lists,other times I compose posts for this site that never get posted and if my legs are complaining ,I focus totally on my arms in the hope that the bingos will have melted away by the end of the run.Never happens though :(

Keep that tunnel light in sight. Good luck for the big twenty when it comes !


That's great, I am very impressed with your persistence. Keep going, do whatever you need to do to get through the run, and you WILL succeed in running for 20 minutes. It's a big milestone that everyone worries about, but it's such an adrenalin rush when you finally do it - and I'm sure you will. Good luck!


Thanks guys. Onwards and upwards as they say. It's so nice to share triumphs with like minded people.


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