Couch to 5K

First Post Grad run

Awesome, was kinda thinking it would be difficult? Why? Wasn't looking forward to it at all, but it was a club run, and it went really well, even the leader turned round to ask if I had run the whole course! I ran tail with a new member and was talking to him the whole way round I even got us stepping it up for the last bit, woohoo, his PB for the last parkrun was 37 minutes which I know is impressive because I ran behind him last Wednesday and had difficulty keeping up! today we finished 5K in around 30 minutes yabbering all the way around :-) This is how it should be, happy pace, happy running, getting out there :-)

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That is pretty cool. I wish I could join a club...


nothing to stop you, find one and get out there:-) I joined mine I think at the end of week 5 I had just done the first 20 minute run-I thought I had done the wrong thing, but they were really supportive and knew roughly about the C25K, the journey has been amazing and new friends made, I cannot now not be motivated to go out for a run, it is something I pretty much look forward to more than running on my own :-) I joined the Sweatshop running community but there are plenty of other groups and associations that are free or cheap for you to look at, have a browse see what is out there - I dare you :-)


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