Couch to 5K

Blame the chick peas

Well, Laura says I am a runner after Week 6 run 3, but I certainly didn't feel like one. It was a struggle all the way round, with a bit of stomach pain/nausea and niggling shoulder pain as well (?). I also had only one layer on and felt a bit cold on my stomach. Made a mental note to buy some running vests/long sleeved tops. This run came 4 hours after eating a tin of chick peas, which I thought would have gone by then, but now I feel bloated.

Two lessons learnt:

- dress appropriately

- pulses after not before run

I managed it all though without stopping, inspired mainly by you lot. Thank you all!

Two rest days now before I start week 7 and I'm going to enjoy them.

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Well done! I just did it yesterday as well. Am disappointingly slow but I guess it would be no fun if we had nothing to improve upon.


You're right, thanks fits735! For myself at least I feel this running lark can't get worse and should start to better from here on. Maybe that's another beginner's error! Good luck with week 7 :-)


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