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Week 8 Run 1

So after a disastrous wk 7 run 2 I got out on Friday for run 3 and smashed it! Well pleased with myself! Still knocked my confidence for moving on to wk 8 but got up this morning and thought 'hey it's just an extra 3 mins what's the worst that can happen?' Again I smashed it! It was hard and I had a few choice words to say to Laura when she popped up to tell me I had been running 10 mins, I really didn't want to hear her voice til I was half way! But I carried on completed it and felt amazing! I covered 4.8km on the whole podcast including the warm up and cool down walks is this ok or should I be looking at speeding up abit? :)

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Just Managed Wk 8 Run 1 tonight, quite a challenge!! I just wish I could stop my brain from telling me to STOP so much. It is definately at least as much mental than physical. I too feel very slow, Ran just over 4K (not incl walking). Have you now finished the whole thing?


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