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One run to graduate!

Well I'm so close - but it feels so far :( Saturday I did a Parkrun for my wk9/r2 and it wasn't very successful! A friend and I went together and we've both been doing about 7min/km so agreed to stay at that pace... After the first km she said we were running at 6min/km and we should slow down a bit or we wouldn't make it to the finish... So we slowed down, but I felt like we were going slower than normal... My knee started to give out and by the halfway mark (and the huge hill) my knee was really hurting... It does this sometimes when I walk, but every run its been just fine. Anyway the last half of the run was a mix of running and waking between my knee, my mates ankle and constant stopping. It just felt like a bad run. I'm not sure what time I got in the end - the results say all 285 runners did 59:59! Some computer glitch... My run keeper said 37mins... That's ok considering all the stopping. By Saturday night my knee was swollen and sore to walk on - and I've now got a head cold too! Oh dear...

Just one run till graduation and I'm laid up on the couch feeling sorry for myself with an ice pack on my knee and a tissue in each nostril!

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sorry to hear about your knee, make sure you rest it up before attempting your graduation run xx


Hi Slawr,that's really bad luck. Rest that knee and look after yourself -and even if you have to put your graduation run on hold for a while ,don't attempt it until you really feel well again.


Oh no, that is just the worst luck ever, rest that knee, you don't need further problems, graduation can always wait a week or so, if you have a bad cold, and tissue up the nose sounds bad, then rest well and keep well hydrated, you have to look after yourself, then have an impressive graduation run, we will all be thinking of you :-)


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