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What to do in the dark?

Not dark yet, but as the year draws on it will be. At the moment we run on the common (newbold to Warwickshire people) but in the dark of the winter that will be no go. So we have to decide what to do. Where do you run in the winter? As far as I see it we have a few options for our two weekday runs.

1) on path next to main road out of town - nearby cars, not many people, not too many crossings

2) on path round residential streets - some people , some traffic, some road crossings

3) on path into town - lots of people, quite a lot of crossings, a bit of traffic

4) I think there's a local industrial park that's lit but quiet at night

I run with hubbie which means we are safer than lone running. What would you do?

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All of the above! You won't know what route you prefer until you try them all, and if you are running with your husband, you'll be safe enough anyway. Just make sure you wear as much fluorescent and reflective gear as possible; and if it is very dark, consider a head torch so others can see you and you can see where you are stepping.

I love running in the dark and am a real advocate for it, but have seen so many people out in their black tshirts and black leggings - even I as a fellow runner have trouble spotting them sometimes until the last minute, it is so dangerous! Anyway, hope you enjoy whatever route you choose when the nights draw in. :)


I run with a headtorch in the dark, its great as it dazzles everyone I go past!!!


Pavement running is a norm for many of us in the winter months not only due to the dark but my forest tracks become water logged in many places, they are also quite slippy, so pavements it has to be. Bright clothing a must and stay in well lit areas. Always carry your phone and some ID with you too.


Plinth, thanks for bringing this up. Husband was concerned last Friday when I arrived home just after dusk. He's now making those "I don't know how you are going to run when the nights get darker" noises. It's a bit disconcerting. :( Thanks for the helpful advice too. (He's still not willing to come with me though).


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