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Stepping Stones, 3rd time lucky...

...It must have been the heat last time! I managed to finish the whole podcast with no walking breaks, the last 2 mins were tough, but I can feel so much improvement. I had a great run, my breathing was less Thomas Tank and more Intercity express! Funny, because I had a sleep in this morning and didn't feel like going out, too much sleep! I was still bit hot but frequent showers were heavenly. These days I look out the window and think ah cool day with hint of rain, excellent for running!

Hope everyone is enjoying their running this weekend.


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Well done! I was hoping to get out to do Stepping Stones or Stamina today, but woke up feeling dizzy and headachey (spent 5 hours in the hot sun yesterday, without a hat or a drink) so have decided it wouldn't be wise. I feel disappointed as, like you, a cool, drizzly day is my preferred running weather.

Glad you can feel the improvement with Stepping Stones. :-)


Thanks Honorsmum, yes I think you made a wise decision. I've decided now if I feel ill or I've just had enough when running, to stop. Whereas before i would have pushed on and felt worse! It's pouring down still, I think we will have more drizzly days ahead! Happy running,




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