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I actually ran for 20 mins (bar 30 seconds of walking!!)

Yes, I did it after thinking there was no way I could complete week 5 just like that!

I had found the two 8 min runs hard enough and couldn't for the life of me see how I could do 20 mins! I decided to say "Bring it on!" to myself when I started the warm up walk.

Most of the run was a very light jog and I faltered at 16 mins or thereabouts, but I regained pace and told myself if I had to crawl to the end I was jolly well going to finish it!! Hubby was pleased and we walked around my route again later with me saying, "I was still running at this point, you know!" Haha!

Tell you what though, my legs and knees a bit twingey this evening!

Onwards and upwards, eh folks?

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Well done! Onwards and upwards indeed - I hope week 6 goes well for you :) And I love the idea of walking round your route later pointing out that you were still running :D


Well done!

So much of this running thing is mental. I've just graduated and I find myself having to deny my body's plea to stop on occasions. Last night it took me 15 minutes to settle into a rhythm rather than the usual 5, and it was a really hard run, whereas the previous one (same length and route) was a doddle. I remember the 20 minute run in week five hanging like a sword of Damocles, terrifying prospect..Just keep telling yourself you can do it and you will. You did!!



Well done ,it's a great achievement hitting the Big Twenty :) I fretted about it all through W5, then found that thinking about it

was worse than doing it....indeed it's a case of mind over matter with a lot of this running lark !

Good luck with Week 6 .


Thank you all! Yes, it's all in the head, isn't it? :) Great support on this site - couldn't do it without you! Xx


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