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Stepping stones run

After my last awful run with the stamina podcast I decided to do the stepping stones one. I also changed my route completely so I could run uphill slightly in some parts. I managed to get to 20 mintues and had to take a break of about 15 seconds which is annoying me as this keeps happening since graduating. But I finished and even kapt running past the 30 minutes which I find weird. I really struggle at the start and oh the middle and oh towards the end but once I hit about 27 minutes I found my breathing was better! So it took me most of the run for it to settle!

Another thing is dogs, people and cars. I keep having to nearly pole vault my way over dogs that run in my path, people who hog the pavement and cars who like to back out of driveways not looking out for anyone and then just sit there as they wait to get onto the road so I then have to cross the road. Grrrrrr.

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Oh and wanted to say Stepping Stones was not too slow for me as I have read it can be slow for some. All I can say is I must run at a snails pace :-)


Good to hear you managed to get out again, I think we both did (and suffered!) Stamina on the same day a few days ago and I was planning on going again tomorrow as my back was still suffering from it today. Since graduating I really don't feel like I'm making progress - I can't get my breathing sorted and swear people in front of me can hear me coming because I sound like a steam engine huffing and puffing. Not sure how to work on it to get it steadier and more controlled. Great to hear that you feel like you can carry on, maybe it just takes you a little time to settle into it and then you're off. I've never had the feeling I could carry on! I'm lucky in that we have a local reservoir of 5 miles circumference where I go to run - no dogs are allowed and there's a very wide track around it as well as a separate road for some of it, so I don't have to negotiate too many distractions but once it turns to winter I won't be going there in the dark so will have to run on the pavements locally - that will be quite different and I hadn't anticipated it will be a lot different with people/cars/dogs getting in the way like you have. I'm going to try Stepping Stones again tomorrow or maybe look for something else to follow.


I know what you mean about people and cars :( If I run around the town I try and go early because otherwise it breaks my rhythm (such as it is!) having to divert or wait at road crossings. I've never been one to jog on the spot at a traffic light :D I'm glad stepping stones was better for you - I use them every so often as a change and just to mix things up a bit, but I've found the c25k+ runs can be a b*gger and bring me back down to earth with a thump :D

Enjoy your running :)


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