Couch to 5K

Tough one but I finished it :)

I ran last time on Tuesday and should have gone yesterday again. I had a lot of work to do so it was already darkening when I finally had time to go out and, as I run in a park with some dark and lonely paths, I chose to postpone my run to today. On the one hand, a good decision as it's really not fun to be a woman alone in the darkest corners of the park.. On the other hand: Had I known how hot it became today... I would have gone with a torch.

Oh my... Why did it become so hot again? And without any warnings? Yesterday, I wore a pullover and a light scarf. Today, at the only time I had for running, it was 29°C. This run was sooooooooo tough.With this temperatures I didn't want to try to make a new PB so I went really slowly. It was ok during the first 12 minutes and 30 seconds. Then, my scalp and the skin on my cheeks began to feel tingly and I was kind of dizzy. I continued running as I didn't want to have a failed run after my last difficult runs (motivational problems). I didn't feel too bad but also not very good. Well, to make it short, I stopped running after 35:59 minutes at 5K, which is not the best time but pretty ok for these temperatures. I'm proud that I didn't give up as I definitely managed to go until the end. At home, my skin still felt tingly and I really struggled to get some water (had to

grap a hold on the sink while drinking and also felt unsecure on my legs in the shower).

I feel a bit unsure about this tingly feeling on my skin. Has anyone of you ever fainted? How does it feel before one faints? It was ok today but I definitely want to stop early enough in the case I really faint. I recovered slower than usual from my run but was completely fine again after 30 minutes. My breathing was ok, better than on Tuesday.

I don't understand why it was so tough as I had run on a regular basis in the heat of the last weeks. I had enough water and food before the run.

Well, nevertheless, I got out there, didn't faint and managed to complete the run.

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Well, firstly, well done for completing your run - a great time and distance for that temperature, in my opinion!

However, the tingliness and faintness are a bit worrying :( The only time I have ever pushed on in heat made me feel ill and dizzy, and I decided then not to do it again. I think with me though it was probably dehydration and just getting too hot and sweaty - and carrying on rather than stopping to walk and recover. I'm very overweight and very fair-skinned, so sun and heat are an issue anyway. It didn't last long and hasn't ever happened again.

Perhaps someone else on the forum might have some helpful advice, but if not it might be an idea to get checked out, do you think? I hope all is well.


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