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Sore legs, should I run?

I started to C25K plan on Tuesday & although I know you're supposed to rest between runs i thought Id be ok doing an exercise DVD yesterday so I did that & the plan was to do my 2nd run today, however Im so achey now!! I dont want to make it worse but I was also quite keen to carry on today. Im fairly young & not overweight however I am extremely unfit! How does everyone else cope with the achey legs, should I just ignore it & carry on?

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Take it steady and see how it goes, could be that the run shakes it lose. Pay attention to your body and stop if it hurts.


Yep I agree, give it a try you may well find those tight muscles loosen off. However if you are not used to exercise give your legs a rest day tomorrow, they will love you for it and there is less likelihood of injury. If your muscles are tight again a steady walk, building up a bit of speed should help, but don't ignore pain.


Agree, an extra rest day can work wonders! You could try a nice hot bath after your run, to help those muscles relax too, and then have a careful try at the next run when you feel ready. Don't run with anything more than a minor niggle, if it HURTS, that's your body saying STOP.

Having said all that, I'm sure you'll get used to it! Let us know how you get on! :-)


Thanks for the replies, I ended up having a days rest & have since been able to do the next 2 runs without feeling remotely sore so definitely making progress!


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