Couch to 5K

W8R2 - Getting There!

So I completed W8R2 this evening without any bother. I got into a nice, steady rhythm after about ten minutes & ran the whole 28 minutes comfortably.

Last run I decided to get to halfway & then slow down if I needed to (I didn't). This run I decided to get to halfway and then speed up (I didn't). But it's definitely progress that I thought I might be able to!

So I'm feeling very happy tonight that graduation next week is on track. I can't wait!

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Great news, Scipio. Weeks 8 and 9 are all about building confidence, I think, if I read rightly between Laura's lines. That sense that you can rely on your new found ability feels so fantastic, doesn't it? Good luck on a great progress to the beautiful grey badge. Keep us posted!


Thank you so much and congrats to you on your own graduation!


You sound to be absolutely on track for your grad run next week. Good luck and WELL DONE YOU for getting there!


Thanks Beek! I'm enviously admiring your lovely Graduate badge next to your name - hope to have mine soon...


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