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Back in the UK - and the first time I have smiled all week

Hi all - had a variable week since coming back off my hols in spain. The heat was unbelievable - but i did try to run every other day - this mostly involved interval running from shady tree to next shady tree.

I have been back a week - putting off running and I have been fairly grumpy with work and domestic trivia -mainly bored.

Today I made my mind up to go out -I was not sure how I would fare, so ran to safe and comfortable stepping stones. It was ok - not brillant - but I managed to run up some hills - including the last 5 mins uphill. So i was pretty happy and for the first time all week I was smiling :-). So it seems the running is good for me. And I feel spurred onto to seriously start thinking about starting the 10k programme. Any thoughts folks on difference between Samantha Murphy or audiofuel??

Also i have decided to invest in some new shoes - I took my old Mizuno airwaves on hols - and they were great - really comfy - left them in spain. But came back to my newish fancy pants addidas, which also had an orhotic adjustment - so hard and uncomfy and most of the run all I thought about was my feet. So i am planning to treat myself to some Brooks adrenlines - Pay day tues - so going to try them next week.

Happy days:-)

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Running and smiling - lovely! Did you ever think that running would make you smile? Not me! Sorry you had a grumpy week, although it sounds like you're sorted now. And I would so recommend Brooks' Adrenaline - mine are like slippers :) Have fun with your next run.


Thank you -Got the shoes - had a great run this morning - with no sore feet issues.

Happy running:-)


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