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Grumpy sloth is crawling :(

This post will contain some (unjustified) moaning. Sorry for that but I have to share my thoughts with persons who might understand my grumpyness.

It's not my time for running at the moment.

I was absolutely not in looking forward to my run on Friday but nevertheless did it. I didn't enjoy a single second of it but was too stubborn to simply stop so I continued and finished the run. Aldi had stopwatches last week and as I don't take my mobile with me, I bought one to finally get my proper times. I finished my run after 32:56minutes and covered 5.0316 km (every meter counts ;) ) so it was pretty good but still didn't really make me happy as I did not enjoy the run at all. My grumpyness was crowned a wonderful cramp in my calf when I got up from a stool 30 minutes after my return from the run. I know I should be content with this run but, no, I'm not. I also think that this unjustified grumpyness influenced my next run.

I had a very important exam yesterday so I didn't find time to run on Sunday which was also the first time I missed one of my 3 runs a week. I always tried to avoid missing a run because I was (and still am) afraid that I might fall back into old habits and start skipping runs on a regular basis. I felt a bit guilty but accepted that I simply had no time to go out. Yesterday, after 4 hours of writing an exam, I felt too knackered to go for a run. I wanted to go today but another recently very common problem kept me on the couch. Where has my motivation gone?

I need your help: How do you motivate yourself? If you have time on a run day and can chose to go whenever you want: Do you set a time for leaving? It's getting harder and harder for me to put on my gear and go for a run.

I finally managed to motivate myself with the fact that I would be disappointed if I skipped another run so I set off at 9 p.m. You can see how much I had to fight to motivate myself as I planned to go out around 10 a.m.

The run was ok, not very exhausting and the only "problem" I had were my whistling lungs which was a bit embarrassing as I sounded like Thomas the tank engine. Fortunately, my breathing was not affected by these strange noises. I did a 30 minutes run which I tracked back at home. I thought I had done ok, not my best run but definitely a good one. Well, it was only 4.25K in 30 minutes and thus one of my worst runs ever.

I don't know how I can motivate myself to go out on Thursday. It's just getting so hard to keep running...

Thank you for reading and sorry again for the constand moaning...

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Always good to have a moan, I always feel better afterwards...

I have always felt strongly that running should be enjoyable, and I have always said to myself that if it becomes a chore or I dread it, I would stop. Life is too full of other chores and stressess....

Perhaps consider what it is that you are not liking so much, then consider the benefits it has given you. Then you can weigh up whether it is worth perservering or if you should take a break/ try another type of exercise... As someone who has really got the bug, I hope you can find some enjoyment as it really does have some great level, mental stamina, being outdoors and experiencing nature/ life without baggage, general health.....I could go one!! Good luck and keep us posted...


Sorry you've had a bad time of it. I have to say I don't live it during run, never have, but love feeling after. I'm lucky, in that I run with hubbie (started plan together) - we go on Mondays and Thursdays as soon as he gets in from work, and Saturdays after a long lie in. On weeks where we know one day is not possible we juggle the days (using the fact that 3 runs a week leaves a spare rest day) but otherwise stick to routine, as, like you, I'd find it easy to stop.

I've also found it hard to adjust post grad- during the nine weeks there's always improvement: running longer etc, and its hard to accept that things will be a bit more up and down now. Having said that, I think your worst speed is still better than anything I can do!


Sometimes we are just not in the zone. I think the important thing is not to to hard on yourself. Exams are draining and you clearly have things on your mind. I find if I leave it off for a few days-I usually get very itchy feet. I also find when I am struggling to motivate myself-having some sort of goal-like the stepping stones or the speed podcast. Fantansying about about doing longer runs-usually sharpens my focus. Anyway all runs are good ones however short or scrappy:-). Keep smiling and keep posting.:-)


Thank you so much for your replies! Sometimes moaning (althoug unjustified) feels really good and makes the world look different. I think, I will try to make a list of the reasons why I started C25K and have a look at it whenever I lack motivation. Besides I definitely have to get a new mp3-player. It's soooo boring to run "naked" all the time. And, as a last measure, I will try to set a certain time for my runs even on my free days so I have less opportunity to postpone them.

I went out today (first run after the one I wrote above) and the motivational aspect was ok. But the sudden heat was not good for me and I really struggled with the slow run... Well, I was out there, came back on both feet (had serious problems of dizzyness), and I'm proud of me for having completed todays's run!


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