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W8R3 Done!

Completed week 8 this afternoon, so week 9 - here I come! I'm planning to do W9R1 on Thursday and W9R2 as my first Parkrun on Saturday, leaving me to graduate on Monday the 19th.

Interested to get views on doing the Parkrun on W9R2, do people think this will be a bit too early? I've been using the Mapmyrun app during week 8 and covering from 4.6 to 4.75 km in the 28 minutes.

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I'm doing week 9 run 2 tomorrow, graduate Friday and am doing my first park run Saturday, not much in it really! I would say go for it, at your own pace of course :0) good luck!


I say go for it!! You'll be fine, running with others really helps you to keep going.

I did the race for life on week 7 or 8 I think it was?! And I ran the full 5k in 37 mins. Prior to that I'd only ever ran for 28 mins.

Good luck with your final week, looking forward to hearing about your Parkrun and of course, your graduation!

You can do it!


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