Couch to 5K

Stamina success today!

Have completed a few 5k runs at my own pace trying to get back on track after 12wks off, but needed to stop a few times to use my inhaler :( Today I decided I would try the Stamina run and it was great! Think my legs are adjusting to running again now and finished in 34 mins with no inhaler stops :D Hope to fit in another interval run this week then going away for 2 wks this weekend not sure if I'll manage to run in the heat abroad but plan to step up my training when I get back to reach that 10k again. Hope some weight starts to come off then!

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Well done, I've done it twice now, well 1.5 couldn't finish the first time! I found it was a real battle with the gremlins in the last 5 mins. Have a good holiday



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