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Technical nightmare but I did it

So got all my kit on and was heading out the door last night to complete W3 R3 when I realised I couldn't access my podcast. OMG I was nearly in tears at the prospect of not being able to go. I didn't have enough time available to go into my home office fire up the computer and reload it. Time was of the essence.

I did it the hard way ... I timed each element myself and because I couldn't set a 90 second time on my iPhone I did a 2 minute run, 2 minute walk, 3 minute run, 2 minute walk repeat. Yippee yippee yippee. I did it, I did it without Laura and ..... I did a teeny weeny bit more than I needed to.

Am now doing the strength and flex podcasts on the day's in between my runs. Am I turning into a health nut?

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Sounds to me like you've been bitten by the bug Dovercourt. Well done on getting out there without Laura, make sure you download it ready for the next run and good luck.


WELL DONE YOU! I think I would have found it hard to do without a podcast - but you did it!

I was doing the S/F on alternate days early in the programme and I am sure it helped me to be pain free after running. I haven't managed to do them for two weeks now and I am very aware of my muscles at the mo. Must try to get back to it.

Happy running!


I'm W3R2 tomorrow - thanks for the tip re iphone. Not sure what I've done with my ipod shuffle but all the podcasts have downloaded already shuffled - so takes me ages to find the right week before I go out. Perhaps it's user error :-)


I know what you mean. My battery died last week at the end of W4 (not mine- I'm hoping I'm solar powered - my mp3 battery). Well having searched everywhere for the battery compartment, I was just toying with the idea that maybe my cheap MP3 was disposable, when I came across the word "recharge". Why I couldn't remember charging it when it was new beats me. Dull or what?


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