Couch to 5K

A first & a surprise!

Just spent the weekend with some lovely friends. Weirdly enough when I first started c25k I often found myself thinking about this weekend & anticipating going out for a run one morning, I'd even planned a route around their village. At no point did I consider that one of the friends might mention a run he'd done recently which would prompt my dh to start banging on about my running too (I *think* he's proud of me!), & no way did I think said friend would then say "Great! We'll go out together in the morning!"

I can't tell you the feeling of dread this prompted in me, I could have killed my by-now-not-so-dear-husband, after all I've always run alone. Friend is well over 6 foot, about 8" taller than me & therefore, with much longer legs & I've always considered him to be very fit, they do karate as a family for example. I tried in vain to change the subject - having already said that I'd brought my kit I couldn't use that as an excuse, I pointed out his much longer legs, pleaded that he'd be much faster & I'd only slow him down. He asked about pace, I hedged, insisting again he'd be faster than me, h (really not at all dear now!) amazed me by telling him my recent pace (turns out he HAS been listening...definitely think he might be impressed!) to which friend said "Perfect! Might even be a bit fast for me" He is a complete gentleman though so this is definitely what I'd expect him to say, he is unerringly polite.

I went to bed dreading this, plotting ways to get out of it, praying for rain, considering "oversleeping". Woke up still dreading it, got dressed quietly & crept downstairs optimistically (he's traditionally a late riser & we'd had a late night) but no, foiled, he was up & was quickly ready. At this point I just decided to put my best foot forward (pun intended) after all a couple of months ago I never would have thought that I could run at all, what was one more challenge?!

He directed me on a much more scenic route than I would have found on my own, really lovely...but...he struggled to keep up, yes, really! He definitely takes bigger paces than me but I jogged along steadily, in a good rhythm & nowhere near as puffed out as him & when we got home I recovered quicker too. I went from wanting to kill hubby for landing me in that situation to wanting to kiss him for the amazing feeling of achievement I felt & the compliments our long-legged, karate-kicking friend paid me!

Here's wishing you all a similar unexpected boost. Happy running one & all!

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Well done - must have felt so good. linda


Oh wow, what a great story! Well done you & well done Husband!


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