Couch to 5K


2nd attempt at this....Grrrr...there I was, music list prepared - thought Id give Laura a break, new venue- round a lake rather than trying to find more streets to run on...and the 23min50secs I pausedthe programme to walk for about half a dozen steps then managed to complete the final 70secs. Oh blimey how frustrating!

Ive read posts where some have manged a sprint at the end - respect.

Do I need to start w6 again to build up more stamina?Id appreciate some guidance pleaze- many thanks

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I did week 6 run 3 yesterday on a park run, I just stuck with Laura, to be honest I wouldn't be able to do it without her, I just hang on in there and know that she will tell me when it is nearly time to finish and just keep going, I must admit, when I finished the 23 mins my legs felt like jelly, but recovered before the end of the 5 min end walk and then carrried on to the end of my park run with short bursts of running and walking and made a PB for the park run of 42.40 so was really pleased. I would say, stick with Laura, she will see you through to the end xx


Hi Katee

Thanks. Yeah I tried the playlist cos I was hopin my music would giv me the extra motivation!

Gosh u did so well to go onto tgen finish a parkrun and achieve s PB into the bargain. I have no idea of the distance or rate that I go, I did try runkeeper but checked it in the car and it was 1.5miles out.

I will keep at it cos it makes me feel sooo good:)


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