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30 Day Shred Level 3 - Day Two

I really don't know what to say about this! Level 2 was soooooo hard and even after 10 days, it didn't really feel like it got any easier. But I've done Level 3 twice now and weirdly, it seems to be a bit "meh".

Day One did start off tough though - a slightly over indulgent weekend meant I was a tad overfed and so the first few exercises had me gasping and pausing the DVD to catch my breath - oh the shame! As before on Level 2, I don't think I did all of the moves for all of the required time as I watching Jillian and trying to get myself organised. The Plié Hops were really tough on my thighs (made my right knee ache a bit) - felt the burn with those! Mountain Climbers were OK as I'm still doing all of the "easy" modified moves (thanks Anita!) and they are similar to the Squat Thrusts on Level 2. Really felt the Scissor Crunches - who knew I had muscles there?!

Then after doing the above plus other bits, it was onto the rest of the workout which just didn't seem as challenging. I did all of the moves except the Rock Star Jumps which I found far too hard on my knees - so I did Jump Rope instead (my "cheat" move - it is still cardio so it does count!). Then before I knew it, it was all over. A bit of a sweat but nowhere near as bad as on Level 2. I worried then - did I not do it right? Should I be sweatier? A few hours later, the aches kicked in...................

A run on Tuesday helped to loosen me up and thankfully I was ache free again. So I woke up today determined that I'd do Level 3 properly. And I did. All of the moves done (well not to the letter - my mini modifications were inserted at times) with no stops - woo! But again, it seemed to be over so quickly - unlike Level 2 which seemed never ending. Don't get me wrong, I am LOVING the Shred but I really prefer the first two levels - weird! Anyway only 8 days to go!

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