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Been struggling, but the podcast helps

I've been trying to run since 30th April (when I finished my second year of University) and struggle with pace. I've done Parkruns to get some distance, but have not improved at all. Too much walking and not enough running. On Monday I twisted my knee slightly and whilst looking for knee exercises stumbled on this site. I downloaded week one pod-cast (took a bit of doing - I don't understand technology) and tried the first run on a treadmill. (It's easier on my knee). I repeated it again today and will move up to week 2 tomorrow. It's great - no clock watching, all I have to do keep my pace constant. It will be different when I'm back outside, but I feel more motivated again. I will be able to run 5km without walking soon.

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Hi ex pie eater LOL! Welcome to the forum - the most user friendly place on the www for folk trying to improve their fitness.

Now you've discovered how to get to the podcasts, I hope you'll really enjoy the full plan. There are 9 sections/ progressions each of which roughly equate to a week's training schedule. Hundreds of folk on here have started at week 1 after many years of no running and in many cases some dire states of fitness and fatness too! The plan definitely works.

If you've already experienced some park runs, you'll have seen what folk can manage - C25K was designed to help complete couch potatoes get to that stage in around 9 weeks - so you're coming at it from a different, round-a-bout way! ;)

Take care of your knee, running and trying to move onto another week's podcast might exacerbate a problem if you're not careful. The plan is pretty clear that at least one day resting between runs is necessary to allow your muscles and joints to recover and strengthen. Each section should be completed 3 times before advancing. Additionally, you will get hints about different ways to improve your running and breathing techniques for maximum efficiency with minimum effort. There is most definitely a difference between treadmills and running outside!

Wishing you lots of luck with your training - did you know that you can state 'NHS Choices C25K' as your running club next time you enter a ParkRun? Another member of this forum collates all the results and publishes them on here! So, immediately you will be among a terrific group of friends all of whom are great sources of advice and encouragement during your running endeavours! Simply blog all your queries and successes on here and share/enjoy the support network.

All the best, Linda :)


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