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Putting on weight, not losing it. How can this be?

I'm very fortunate in not being overweight and started C25K for fitness reasons, not for weight loss. I've worked through the 9 weeks to graduation and haven't made any significant changes to eating habits. I'm sure my waist and legs are slimmer but ...... I weighed myself yesterday morning (on the wii fit) for the first time since starting the programme and discovered I was 2.5 kilos HEAVIER than I was when starting the programme. And I checked again on the bathroom scales this morning and they tell the same story. Just wondering - any truth in that old wives' tale about muscle being heavier than fat???!!

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yup - muscle does weigh more than the same volume of fat - so it's common to put on weight while you tone up - or in my case not to loose a single kg

I think the general advice is not to worry too much - especially as you are not overweight to start with - & it seems to be the waist to hip and wait to height ratio which is much much more critical that overall weight.

so if your waist is slimmer than before (I've lost 2 notches on my belt so approx 2 inches) then you have made a healthy improvement.


Yes agree with the above 100%, but just think how lovely and toned those running legs will be ;) Try the tape measure too, it will give you a better gauge to how your body is changing. Anyone on a weight loss program should use the good old tape measure about once a month, I swore by it when I was losing weight.


A pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle and fat can't turn into muscle as they are different compounds. Don't worry about putting it in on one weigh in. You can vary loads even in a day. If you had a drink before being weighed or eaten etc. concentrate on clothes size. If they feel looser you have lost. Don't worry xx


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