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Juicyju Running Cornish #1

Juicyju Running Cornish #1

Well hello all

I'm in Cornwall... Yippedoode!!

Thank you all for your run ideas... Today's run is thanks to MatthewW... On endomondo.. Here's the juicyju list:

1. Started off well, but up a huge hill, didn't let that put me off my stride..

2. Right.. Where to next, lets check that link on the forum.. Oh s*** no reception... Oh well just keep running Ju.

3. Saw a public footpath at the end of the road and thought, yep that must be it.. All looking very pretty.. Birds and fresh air and all that nice stuff.

4. Another runner.. That's good it must be ok.... no smiles.. He whizzes straight past me.raspberry blown... But then,

oh look there he is sitting on a bench. Oh yesss lets just run right past!!

5. Now I'm in for a bit of Ray Mears/ bear grylls action. There's woods, stumps, stiles, cows and I'm loving it so I throw my arms in the air and do my run dance. Felt so good.

6. Bit lost, oh look there's a nice man, ill ask him- all sorted on the right track again. Think he liked my orange sweatband!

7. Oh look there's Truro.. Oh no phones died..

8. Naked running it is then

9. That was the best can't wait for the next one!

Off to the beach now for chips and sun!!


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Don't mention it! It wasn't my run, in-fact it probably belonged to the man on the bench & you were blowing rasberrys at him! ...although it certainly sounds like fun and by the looks of those trees you were going so fast that you were making them shake to their roots...

I can't wait for our holiday - setting off on Saturday for what looks like a very wet fortnight in Wales and I'll be packing my trainers (and must remember phone charger too) - I just hope I can get some running done, or my master plan will be too far behind to recover....

Naked running and an orange sweatband - the mind boggles just what he was thinking.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and Happy Running.


Like the photo, and the run sounds good too. Enjoy!


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