Couch to 5K

Back up to 20 minutes and feeling good!

Haven't posted for a couple of months now as I had to have a mole removed from my leg and stitches which meant no running while it was healing. While I couldn't run I got very down. I felt completely out of my routine and I also couldn't go dancing so I felt like I couldn't do any of the things I enjoyed. Predictably I mainly used the time to eat and ended up putting weight on!

My leg is healing nicely and now it's cooled down a little outside I decided to get out and try again. I had previously got to the end of week 7 but I decided to start again at the beginning of week 5. Last night I completed the third run and got myself back up to 20 minutes. I felt amazing! It was very tough and I am now running a lot slower than I was before but I kept going and I did it. I think I'm going to do another 20 minute run and then straight up to 25 minutes rather than the usual week 6 as I know I've got there before.

Glad to be back in my trainers and back on the forum again seeing how you're all getting on (I wasn't looking before because it made me feel sad that I couldn't do it!) Now I've just got to get my head around all the changes on here!

Thanks everyone for posting and giving me inspiration. My goal is to get to 30 mins by the end of August as I go on holiday the first week of September. Let's see how I get on!

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Hi and well done on your run. It does get you down when you're unable to run (and makes you realise how lucky you are when you're injury free). I've had shin/calf injury so just getting back into it - also ran 20 mins today on treadmill. Feels good.

All the best!


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