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Beware of THE GRIT!

Whilst out on my usual route last night I noticed our kindly local authority had re-surfaced the road. Not with nice smooth tarmac, but hundreds and thousands of tiny bits of grit! Yowza! I was just starting out so was in the walking warm-up stage but every time a car whizzed past, I side-jumped onto the driveway of each house! I was desperate not to be splattered by those pesky bullets. Thankfully, there were no pellets to be removed from my posterior, eye, ear or anywhere else for that matter, but it got me thinking how dangerous this is for runners/walkers/cyclist and anyone else.

Well that's my moan done for the day. On a brighter note, I got three smiles out of four from other runners! :)))

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I know, they've done that a lot round here as well. In addition to the danger of spitting grit, it's quite slippy to run on if you're heading downhill, as I discovered the other day! Nice that you're getting smiles from other runners, though :)


Watch out for any excess tar too. It seems to come off the road on to shoes very easily; but it never seems to come off shoes again until you get into the house or car!


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