Couch to 5K

W7R2 - My Fastest Yet (But Not Fast At All, Really)!

Very pleased to report W7R3 done this evening.

Had to make myself get off the couch, but I'd last run on Friday so didn't want to leave more than two days between runs. Anyway, the run went well. Plodded along nice & steadily, at a slightly faster pace than the last run, and was able to put in a little sprint at the end, also faster than last time.

So I am well pleased!

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well done, I know how you feel (had to give myself an awful big kick to get going tonight) great to see everyone plodding along - graduation here we come :-)


Thanks tor41 & well done to you too. We'll get there eventually!


Well done for getting out there and finishing wk 7. I started wk 8 this morning so you're hot on my heels. Not many left now until graduation


Well done. Getting close to G -day now !


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