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Week 5 Run 3 - nailed!!

Well tonight was the in from work and it was grey and miserable but at least it wasn't hot! Kit on, mp3 at the ready and Laura and I hit the pavement.

When she said I was at 5 minutes, I thought it felt longer but at 15 minutes I thought I couldn't possibly have been running that long 'coz I felt great! The last 2 minutes went on for every but I was determined not to stop. And I didn't.

Do I feel good? Too right!!

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Congratulations on reaching your 20 minute milestone!

Feels great, doesn't it?


Thanks Scipio. And yes, it feels fan-bloody-tastic!!


Well done Mrs M. ! I totally agree with you on the 5 minute feeling ( yuck) and then how amazing did it feel at 15 mins ! Nowhere near as terrible as you think it's going to be .....mind over matter I suppose.

Good luck with W6 :)


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