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Parkrun the day before a Half Marathon?

I've registered for the Great North Run on 15th September (a Sunday). I do a parkrun most Saturdays but my question is should I do the one the day before the HM or should I be resting. I know that it's usually recommended to ease off the running during the week leading up to the big day but my training plan stops on the Sunday before and I can't believe that's right. So - would a parkrun be a good warm up or should I be saving myself for the main event?! Any advice on appropriate training for that final week would be most welcome.

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I am thinking of doing a HM at the end of October and the training plans I have seen recommend not to run for 3 days before the HM. Maybe this will be a good opportunity to volunteer at your Parkrun? I haven't been able to run for the last month and volunteered three times.

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I thin its down to the I know experienced runners that have done Parkrun the day before or even the same day!!! however if it was me I would give it a few days rest to conserve energy and not risk injury. Good luck for your HM


Like everyone has said you know yourself best... Personally I would rest before your HM as that is going to need all your energy and mental focus....good luck!!


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