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Slowly but surely

Went out for the first run after my boohoo run on Thursday. Kept waking up through the night worried about it. But off I went and ran for a full 14 min. So thats an increase of 4 min. I've told myself as long as I go forward I will not beat myself up. I know its mental. As I started a little voice in the back of my brain still keeps saying your not a runner. If I just keep going I know I will get to 20 min hopefully in a week or two then I will be back with the plan. I think I need to train my brain and the only way to do that is by proving it wrong.

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Hey ! Well done Rfc ,that's fantastic ! Just you keep ignoring that little voice ,it's telling you all sorts of rubbish and it does the rounds to all of us at one time or another.Just very firmly tell it to next time :) Try to remember its not worth losing sleep over,though I know it's easier said than done when things play on your mind.

Tags made me chuckle ,btw . Happy running x


My little voice keeps telling me to raid the kitchen. If I ever find the little voice I will give it a good throttle!!!


Hehe cloud chaser I have one like that too. Carolecal. I'm starting to feel more like I did before last Thursday now. So that's a positive thing. I will be there in a week or two. Rfc x


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