Couch to 5K

Week 9 Run 2

Well, I was supposed to do W9R2 on Thursday but it was 30C+ out there and I couldn't face it... then on Friday I found out I'd got THE job and had to celebrate :-) ... so I finally made it out this morning. It felt more tiring than W9R1 but I was pleased to discover I was quite a bit faster - I managed to do four circuits of the park, plus the extra bit down to the gate which is about 200m further than I managed last time, and probably around 4.8km in total, so I'm nearly there.

I would accurately measure the distance using Endomondo or similar but none of the apps will load onto my ancient smartphone!

And what's with the weirdly random tags on these posts, BTW?

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Oh well dome, nearly there now! Tags are rather random, aren't they. I think I got 'face' and 'ache' recently despite not mentionining either word! I see you've managed 'gate' and 'face'. May be it's some sort of Dan Brown style clue for us all to crack!


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