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2nd 5k and new PB :)

I ran my second 5k today and managed to beat my personal best. I did it in 31:58, previously I'd done it in 34:40. I'm pretty pleased as I'm getting close to my target of 5k in under 30 min! It wasn't too much of a surprise though as I was expecting to do better, last week I wasn't even sure I could do a 5k so this week I felt more comfortable in pushing a bit harder.

I think I should also get extra brownie points for going out in the rain, I went out straight after the thunder storm we had and although half my run was dry, the other half I got rather wet in!

I'm not working next Saturday so barring anything disastrous I'm going to try my first Park Run (and maybe also shave a bit of time of my PB).

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hey, thats a great time - Park runs are really good fun - just pray that it is not tooo rainy on saturday :)


Thanks! At the moment it looks like next Saturday will be wet but as its over a week away I expect that forecast will change at least a dozen times!


I have decided to be brave and promised myself I will go on the Park run tommorow no matter what the weather -- I may live to regret that decision ! My target time is under 34 minutes - got 34:59 last week on my first Park run so I reckon I can improve slightly- as for getting closer to 30 minutes I cant see that happening for me just yet - it something to aim for - good luck


Good luck to you too! You might just surprise yourself with your time...


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