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Stamina? nearly!

Well I did a long talked about/put off/thought about morning run. Not 6am but 7.30. Had a big glass of water and banana malt loaf and got out there. Started off and was fine for about 15 mins, then I started getting too hot and the sun was getting strong. I ran by the lake again (as it's cooler to run by water) and saw lots of ducklings with the mother guarding them on the path. I was careful not to get in between as I didn't want to be a threat.

By now I'd run 25 mins and thought, I need a break can I do the full 35 minutes? No was the answer! So I had a break for a minute. The song 'I want to be free,' (not sure of the title) sang over and over was really getting on my nerves, definitely need my own music. I wanted her 'to be free' so much and buzz off!

I think if I hadn't been so hot I would have done the 35 mins. Only managed 3 mins of the last 5 min 'energizing' burst at the end. Oh well ran 4.46 km in 30 minutes which is fine for me. Am shattered though!! I need a snooze!!

Apparently it's not going to cool down anytime soon, so will have to haul myself out of bed earlier!!

Oh the Y' Fumble was brilliant forgot I was wearing it.


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Well done.. You did really well you should be really chuffed.. Enjoy your weekend!!


Thanks juicyju, enjoy yours too!



Sounds like you did really well - tackled the wildlife, heat and music and still came out on top. Well done and enjoy that rest day :-)


Thanks runningnotwalking, my legs are still sore though! Think I will do 'stepping stones' tomorrow. I did yoga the day after the run and it really loosened my legs up.

Happy running!



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