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Death by Speed!

Couple of weeks ago we started the speed podcasts. The first time nearly killed me but I got a bit better the second time. Then we went away for a week. Yesterday we went again. Good god! I nearly died. Got a stitch and had to walk for a few of the "slower" parts. Trouble is the slower speed is still faster than my fastest!

Goodness knows what we look like, hubbie has much longer legs than me so he goes round the edge of the field and I do a shorter inner ring! In order to have half a chance of finishing I take tiny steps - I think I look like one of those wind up robot toys with the two feet attached to each other. Any smaller and I'd be going backwards. But, I suspect in the long run it wil improve my speed etc so I'll keep pushing through.

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Speed is brilliant, I just love that Podcast, it does take some getting used to though. Its short and sweet but my goodness does it pay off well. Keep at it, it will get easier. Well done, you made me laugh with your description of your running though. When you are on a longer run try and lengthen your stride a bit which will help you take longer strides when doing Speed and in turn make your running faster, simples, well so they say ;)


Thank you oldgirl. I've been keeping strides short with the theory that it will be slightly easier for now, as that was recommended for succeesfully getting up my hill!


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