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What sort of training schedule should I use if I'm intending to do a parkrun on Saturday mornings?

I've recently had a go at a couple of parkruns, and am hoping to do one most weekends. What I'm not sure is what to do for the rest of the week. I graduated last November, and managed 5K for the first time in March (I'm quite slow!). I usually try to run 4 times a week, and tend to include one 5K run during the week with a couple of shorter runs, usually 2 miles or so, but sometimes aiming for a bit shorter and quicker.

Because of the Saturday park run, I tend to go out on Mondays and Wednesdays, and I'm then not sure when to do the third run, and what to aim for so as not to wear myself out for the parkrun.

What do other parkrunners do?

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In my humble opinion, I would do exactly what you're doing now. Personally I do exactly the same. A couple of shorter quicker runs and a longer run sandwiched in the middle.

Other members may have some suggestions but for me I'd stick with what you do now. Make your Parkrun the longer of your runs and go with a couple of shorter quicker runs either side.

It sounds like you've got it spot on.


I do agree with Ashton, but you'll have to find what works for you. Experiment a little. You could try Saturday - parkrun, Monday - 1km jog/ 1km run/ 1km jog, Wednesday - 6km jog, will give you a little extra speed and a little extra stamina. I wouldn't squeeze an extra run in, I did that and ended up not being able to run for a month, and no matter what your gp says, cross tratining in the gym doesn't help with running :-(


Thanks very much to both of you for your suggestions. :)


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