Couch to 5K

W9R2: only one more to go!

Well, managed to dodge the thunderstorms but then disaster struck. I'd synched my ipod last night and, when I put it on, Week 9 had disappeared. What to do - go back to Week 8? Nah, going back seemed just wrong. So luckily I had downloaded the 5+ podcast for a 30 min run in preparation for graduation and thought I'd try it. All was well and I must have gone faster as I'd finished a good 300m earlier than the last run. And the music was better although Laura was at her most insistent! So only one more to go - can't believe it. To all those struggling with Weeks 4 and 5, hang in there. The programme will serve you well and you will make it :-)

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Well done -one more to go to get your badge-what a lovely achievement it will be.


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