Couch to 5K, not me!

Notpheidippides is to run in his first parkrun on Saturday. I'm taking the camera to record the event! Any advice for him? Really! He should have created his own blog but isn't made like that! he has a Facebook page but doesn't know what to do on it :-) Since graduation he's got his time for 5k down to 33 minutes...not bad for 72years the last 52 of which he hasn't run further than to catch a bus.

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Good luck to him! Hope I can still run when I'm 72- fab achievement ! Hope he enjoys it!



I registered for park run , got my bar code but still haven@t plucked up courage to go to one yet. Need to work on my time first.


All the best, I'm sure he'll do well. Not too fast to start, don't be tempted to charge off with the fast runners. I held back a bit the first time as I wasn't used to running with others but they soon thin out and then you are able to get into your own comfortable stride. If you have extra to give save it for the last 500M you never know a sprint finish could be possible. Enjoy :)


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