Couch to 5K

Wk5/R1 completed Woo-hoo Sha-la-la-la-la-la-laaa

The song from the final run is still in my head!!!!. Well I can't say that I wake up raring to go like I did in the beginning of the programme, however we toddled through our back garden gate onto the rugby/cricket field(I'm still too self conscious to run in public places) and thought we would vary the run as much as possible and ran clockwise around the field. It felt really strange running in the opposite direction but easier too because we avoided the incline up to the club house which was easier on the legs. Suffered some calf burn during the last run but when I stepped up the pace and lengthened my stride for the last minute this eased off. Used map my walk (set on power walk) and distance covered was 2.5 mile. Three laps of the field covers 1 mile and there is another pitch adjacent of similar size which we could use to vary the routine. We enjoyed today and still get that wonderful feeling when we finish.

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Congratz Mazzro! In your own time you will venture forth from the field and enjoy the scenery, until then it sounds like you are well on top of listening to your body and acting accordingly.


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