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Couch to 5K
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5K in 30

Bonjour all you fellow BLOGGER'ITES!

Off out this morn at 6.25am and it was pretty damned warm. Decided on yet another super duper strategy this morning, in a bid to record my stats but NOT compete with myself to try and better previous runs.

Managed to go to the settings on ENDOMONDO and switch off the audio announcements for each individual lap and just left the "reached your goal" button switched on. A very good plan it worked out to be too as I did a comfortable 5K in 30 mins and a some change. Wasn't out of breath at the end but WAS sweating like a Sweatausaurus! Boy it was hot, even at 7am!

Long soak in the jacuzzi with the jets on full blast to massage my tired legs, then later I'm off to the dentist. Oh joy.

HAppy running and don;t go too mad in this heat folks. Remember...WATER and hydration!


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lovin the tags you got goin there...and isn't it a great feeling to finally thrash it?? Well done you, enjoy the bubbles.


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