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Am I making excuses for my short legs?

I completed W9R3 last week and I've timed myself for the running part and have covered a distance of 3.7km. Bit disappointing as it's so far away from 5K, but I hope the distance will come with time. I downloaded the Couch to 5K+ and did the Stepping Stones run today and covered the same distance of 3.7km. Would a taller person doing the Stepping Stones podcast when you run at a certain pace (150, 155 then 160 bpm) cover a greater distance or am I just making excuses for my short legs?!

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Yes they would cover a greater distance as with each step/beat they travel further- but I think technique counts for something so that will improve over time- I have also decided not to compare myself to others (i am short) and as long as I keep making small improvements I will be happy :-)


Hi! I'm tall but I think it also depends on how long your strides are, I know I don't normally run at my longest stride as I can only do that on my 'fast' intervals (on b210k)

I think I would be at risk of overstriding & injuring myself... by doing c25k+ & running 3 times a week I have consistently improved my times for 5k & distances


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