Couch to 5K

Still struggling horribly, really hoping its the heat!

Still plodding out the 5k's but its not getting easier (I think we're around week 13 / 14?) I still struggle with breathing (tho asthma test last week showed it is improved a lot). I also know I have terrible posture. I keep looking down, with shoulders hunched - which leaves me with sore shoulders and back! I try to look ahead and breathe slowly but it's still so hard! I was hoping it would start to get better by now! Our speeds are more or less the same each time tho our best run was a couple of weeks ago, before it got really hot. I'm hoping this means it is weather related and not me being pathetic!

Having said all that we changed our route a little. Usually we do the golf course plus a circuit of a field until mrs runkeeper says 5k. This time we decided to try the parkrun course. We looked at the route online, its across the edge of a different field then round the golf course. I think this is better as we get more warmed up before the killer uphill part , and as we have the steady downhill we know not too much more to go. Anyway, according to maps we more or less started in the right spot for parkrun, but we had to go some way past the end point before message runkeeper said "5k". Does this mean that all this time we've actually done more than 5k!?

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It has just occurred to me that I think (from the useful maps on the old site, whinge, whinge - where did they go?) that your golf course parkrun is quite possibly the same one as mine... But I'd not connected it up before. That hill is a stinker.

Anyway. I think I remember reading somewhere that heat can add something like an extra 10 (20?)% to the time for long-distance runners - though it just stops me altogether. So if you're still moving at all, be happy! :)


Just went back and found your post from a couple of weeks ago - but the picture isn't there anymore. Is it the Leamington one? And it's just occurred to me, that with notifications not working at the moment, you might not see this either. Hey ho!


Yes it is the leamington one! The up on the hill is horrid. We go so slow! And thanks for the support - perhaps ill get better when it cools down!


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