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Back to 1 Hour Runs for me :)

Had my Gallbladder out 10 days ago and I was really depressed at thought of all the hard work that I had done toward running and fitness going to pot during the recovery period.

Anyway the op went really well and I didn't need to have open surgery (a possibility due to a previous complication).

I spoke to the surgeon after the operation whose (without dropping any names) a Renowned Laparoscopic and Royal Surgeon :) and he said that I could try running after just 1 week! Which I did, so I did a 5k Last Thursday and another on Friday, then today I went back to running for 1 hour, which was my pre-op level (with the occasional 90 minute run every few weeks). I'm extremely chuffed :)

Hopefully all being well, I am back now to running 60 minutes 3 times a week, fingers crossed!

Happy Running All!

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Wow you're doing well. I had my gallbladder removed by keyhole sugery 3 years ago and it took me over 4 weeks to recover. I could hardly move during the first week.


Wow, Olsbean - amazing! :)


That's pretty impressive!!


Great stuff oldbeans.....keep going :)


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