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Post Graduation Run One (of Many)

Keen to get back out running and for graduation not to be an end in itself so went out in the heat this evening. Slower pace and harder than my graduation run. That could be the heat (or the beer at lunchtime) but made it to the end.

Started by repeating week 9 initially and may combine with strength and flex or just go to the C25k+ podcasts.

Has this worked for anyone else after graduating ?

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Interesting to read that your post grad run was harder than your graduation run. I found the same thing. I have put this down to a number of factors though;

1) Long day out the day before, which much picnic eating, and drinking of Ale (would be rude not too!). I suffered the other week after a night out, so I think a touch of abstinence, and controlled eating the day before helps.

2) Generally tired at the moment, which doesn't help

3) Ran past the lake in my local park to see the Tri-Athletes leaping from the water as fresh as daisies and jumping onto their bikes. I tried to look fit, healthy, and like I knew what I was doing, but completely outclassed!!

Back to your point though, I like the idea of re-running Week 9, I think I might do that for a while, just to keep the drive going (need to let my wretched right ankle sort itself out first - I have twisted it or something).


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