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Done W6R1 today - in spite of the heat!

Managed to get myself out at what I hoped was a still cool time of day (7.30) to do week 6 run 1. It is quite a strange mixed up session having done 20 minutes none stop last time. Couldn't find shade for a lot of the return run, by which time the sun was out and cloud cover gone. Surprised how quick the heat kicked in and came back purple faced and it was such a sloooow walk back up the hill to home. Cold shower was GREAT! and I'm still beetroot faced!

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Well done Beek. I found W6 pretty tough after the highs of the 20 min run of W5R3.

I went out thismorning too - in the heat. Bloomin' hard wasn't it?

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i'm due to start week 6 this week, did my 20 min run on sunday mid morning and looked a bit of a mess when i got in - no wonder people were looking at me funny on the walk home!!!


I am so glad I have read this! I have been feeling really disheartened and struggling with the running recently. My weeks got messed up when I went away at the end of week 5 and now 3 weeks on I am still mid way through week 6. I went out on Saturday morning for wk6 run2 and it was sooooo hot I couldn't quite manage the last 3mins (very disappointed in myself). I came back very beetroot faced indeed! I have also joined the gym but definitely have more motivation to get outside and do some running (however the air conditioning of the gym is calling). I find it embarrassing looking such a state in a place where I apparently know so many people!

Anyway thanks for posting this because it has made me feel a lot better and I will push through the down times of week 6 :)


Doh! Just managed to delete my last reply to you!

I am glad to have helped a little. This weather is awful - I really struggle with the heat. [I wonder if you are a beekeeper too? If so we should be glad for the bees sake.] I did W6R2 yesterday and did walk the last 100 metres or so. And I refuse to feel bad about that - I am only human and not a machine! I think you know yourself when your body has done enough. The reason I go early is so that nobody sees me looking wrecked! How vain is that? Does anyone else really care or even notice?

Hope you get through the next few runs comfortably! Well done for sticking at it. It is hard in the heat.

After all - we are more than half way now!


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